Annual message of the Sovereign Grand Commander
Grand Master of the International Order


January 2017
Annual Address for 2017

Beginning of the New Year. Enters the Path of Life with hesitant steps. Its young face is decorated with wonder and worry.

Laughter, music and happy voices are heard. The people are preparing to welcome it. However, the New Year pauses. It is trying to understand.

Its young shoulders are not light. There is some kind of a burden. It continues to walk with hesitant steps. The happy and smiley faces seem like masks. As if they are trying to hide something.

Κάντε Κλικ Για Μεγένθυση

Next to the joy, there are armed guards with cold and tight faces. Their look is careful and unrest. The masks of joy find it hard to hide the fear, the insecurity of something bad.

The religious fanatism, the knock down of the divine, the social inequality and the unfair among the people, dominate. Hurt souls, torn from their roots, are blend in the crowd of the happy faces. They know but are not recognized.

The Year pauses once again. Inside the great mystery of its existence, the Good and Love will be its weapons against the weapons of the gloomy guards.

Let the value of life with its essential and pan anthropic meaning and the re-definition of the human dignity and security, dissolve the darkness of fear and injustice. As such, the New Year will be able to regain its lost smile.

Let it be that in the New Year 2017 we have more optimism and faith to the ideals of Humanism. We, the Masons, and our brethren around the earth, are dedicated to our Ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, not only to serve them, but loyal to our vows, to defend them.

Let the New Year be Happy and morally productive!