International Mixed Freemasonry

During the course of humanity through the Ages, each historical period produced those outstanding individuals that were free thinkers. Those who, with their spirit and whole way of life, contributed to the shaping and development of society. Those that truly believed that a person is complete only when he/she concerns him/herself not only with the material, but with the intellectual part of his/her everyday routine, waiving any and all aphorisms.

At the current turning point of humanity, one can easily ascertain elements of intellectual crisis that render its progress doubtful. Many allege that globalisation destroys the real and cultural boundaries of populations and nations in order to create a single "agora"  - with the ancient Greek meaning of the word, where "agora" is a place of accumulation and distribution of material and intellectual goods  - without requiring the simultaneous establishment of safety nets for the protection of the uniqueness of each nation. It leaves side doors open through which the competition, often illicit, enters and, upon finding fertile ground, it grows to immense dimensions. At that point the intellectual goods are undervalued since the profit they offer is invisible and long-term, while priority - unfortunately- is given to the struggle for the acquisition of material goods and the achievement of the biggest profit.

In this society of the crushing of the individual as an intellectual entity, where the craving part of soul is waived -as this is termed by Plato- and the acquirement of material goods is stressed as the objective of bliss, where people are troubled and tired from the interminable fight for their survival, into this world comes Freemasonry offering to men and women the thought that happiness is closely connected with positive moral qualities and with the "katharsis" of one's self.

Freemasonry addresses itself to all those individuals whose spirits prompt them to search for moral bases. To all those that, independently of sex and the social and cultural variations that may exist between them, have the desire and take the decision to discover and to make their own these moral bases. Freemasonry, in other words, constitutes a means by which the individual will approach his/her intellectual objectives.

It is a way that is chosen by those individuals who believe that they owe attention to their spirit and intellect. It constitutes the tool that will open up the pathway of internal search and it offers the materials for the construction of the intellectual building of the individual. It enhances the shaping and polishing of character, and leads to the adoption of a behaviour which takes goodwill towards humanity into account, revealing that simultaneously it is also a way of teaching what concerns us all. And this, because it regards the individual, that is the rational being, as a dual principle which is based equally on spirit and matter. Consequently, its message concerns the whole world.